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The Best 5 advantages of Laser Cutting in 2022

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laser cutting

#1: High Accuracy and Precision Cuts.

Laser cutting makes use of a tiny, strong laser that provides a precisely focused beam of light to the material being cut.

In most circumstances, the strong laser melts and evaporates material with unprecedented precision, with average tolerances ranging from 0.003 mm to 0.006 mm. A plasma cutter, on the other hand, typically has a tolerance of 0.02 mm, whereas certain die cutting instruments have tolerances of 1-3 millimeters or more.

Laser cutters are almost usually the best solution when exceptionally high accuracy and precision are required. One of the reasons laser cutting is so popular in the aerospace industry is that tolerances are so tight.


#2: Power-saving

Unlike presses and certain other cutting instruments, which require vast quantities of energy to deliver cutting force using a physical die, laser cutters do not have any other moving elements.

When utilized at full capacity, a turret punch, for example, can consume up to 36 kW of electricity. Laser cutters, on the other hand, rarely require more than 10 kW of power, even when cutting highly thick, reflective materials like aluminum. This lowers total operating expenses while also lowering the environmental effect of laser cutting devices.

#3: Lower costs with low lead times without replacing or modifying tooling

One of the best features of a laser cutter is that it is cost-effective even for small-scale tasks. This is because a laser cutter does not require any custom-built or modified tooling for your project. It also lacks physical cutting surfaces that wear out over time.

All you need is a material to cut, a laser cutter, and a schematic that can be placed into the computer to make a component or part with a laser cutter. Even for small-batch projects, this saves overall costs, especially when compared to traditional tooling and manufacturing.

#4: Increasing sheet utilization while reducing waste

Another advantage of laser cutting’s precision and accuracy is that it can make use of a large portion of your sheet material. A laser cutter may increase the number of useful components and parts from any sheet of material by nesting cuts effectively.

As a result, your project’s overall costs will be lower and completion times will be shorter. Changing out new sheets of material takes less time, and the machining and cutting process wastes less of your raw material.

#5: Extreme Versatility – Works with almost any material

This is a major asset when it comes to laser cutting advantages. Not only may laser cutting be used to totally cut through a material, but it can also be used for many other jobs. Drilling, marking, and engraving are just a few of the functions that lasers may do – all without the need to change or replace any tooling.

Furthermore, laser cutters can work with practically any type of material. From ferrous metals such as stainless steel through copper, aluminum, brass, and even composites, wood, plastic, and various types of textiles, there is a wide range of materials to choose from. You can cut almost anything with a laser cutter.



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