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If you’re looking for the best Steel window Frames in Kerala, you’ve come to the right place. with unrivalled experience and expertise in the field— Middle East Engineering

With effective & quick delivery, we provide you with the best selection of pressed Steel Window Frames, metal window frames, colour coated window frames, colour coated steel window frames, gpsp Steel Window Frames.

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Why should you go for STEEL windows AND FRAMES?

Steel is an incredibly solid material that can survive a lot of natural and man-made abuse in its natural occurrence. Steel metal doors and frames that are properly fitted and maintained can last a long time. When repairs are required, they are usually performed in the field at a minimal cost. Compared to other door materials, steel doors offer a low total cost of ownership.

STEEL window

Steel window frames are extremely durable, resistant to rust, cracking, and bending, which means they will last longer and save your cash. These windows are energy-efficient and can even decrease your establishment’s heating and cooling costs due to their insulating characteristics

We produce the best customized steel window frames in India. Our ability to reach the whole state is a result of our production, quality, and innovation. Our superior technology and distribution network have pushed us well beyond Today’s boundaries.

Middle East Engineering is a creative company that specialises in all types of Steel Doors and design projects. In mind-blowing hues and designs, we bring your dream-home to life. To assure longevity and perfection, we employ only the highest quality materials. We have a well-equipped work shop with trained employees who provide high-quality work and help us finish jobs on time. Our goal is to join the Save Tree, Save Nature movement.

Steel window


We use common materials for laser cutting, such as galvanized iron, mild steel, and stainless steel

These mild steel grades are appropriate for a variety of purposes and are one of the more typical materials we laser cut and fold. We work with a variety of stainless steel grades, which are more corrosion resistant than mild steel. Our devices can treat galvanized steel sheets according to your exact specifications.


Create your ideal light wall. Steel windows from The Middle East Engineering firm are known for their strength, elegance, and efficiency.


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