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Advantages of Steel windows

1. Unbelievably strong and secure.
2. Durability and ease of  maintenance.
3. Flexibility and graceful design
4. Excellent thermal efficiency.
5. Long-term sustainability.

#1: Unbelievably strong and secure.

Steel is the strongest material available for Steel windows and Steel doors, outperforming apparently equivalent aluminum items.

#2: Durability and ease of maintenance.

Middle East Engineering premium Steel Windows are hot-dip galvanized and come in a variety of stunning Akzo Nobel powder paint colors. Akzo Nobel is widely regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance surface coatings. These windows come with a 10-year warranty and an average paint covering of 100 microns, which is higher than the industry standard of 60 microns. Middle East Engineering windows and doors require very little care and can last for many years.

#3: Flexibility and graceful design

Steel has an unrivaled elegance. Middle East Engineering Steel Windows features the slimmest sightlines on the market, allowing for plenty of light and a lovely design..

#4: Excellent thermal efficiency

Middle East Engineering is constantly developing and updating its window lines in order to provide clients with a selection of products that are intended for modern living while also meeting the strict requirements of Building Regulations. Only the best glass units are used, along with the most up-to-date thermal barriers and weatherproofing, resulting in high-performing windows and doors that save you money on your energy bills.

#5: Long-term sustainability.

Steel is recycled more than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined every year throughout the world, so it should come as no surprise that all Middle East Engineering Steel windows and Stainless Steel Doors are constructed from recycled steel, making them the “green” window of choice for your project.

Disadvantages of Steel windows

1. It is not appropriate for all climates.
2. Expensive in comparison to other types of windows
3. Heavy Lifting
4. Is not really able to be trimmed
5. Cracking and rusting are among the most common problems.

#1: It is not appropriate for all climates

If you live near a beach or have a lot of salt water near your property, steel windows are not a good idea because your windows will need greater protection from corrosion caused by airborne salt in this environment.

#2: Expensive in comparison to other types of windows

When it comes to house decoration, the cost is an important consideration. Steel windows are always the most expensive option. If you intend to put steel windows throughout your home, you may find yourself with a large bill. You’ll have to pay extra for delivery and installation as well.

#3: Heavy Lifting

Because of their metal covering, these windows are typically heavier, making them more difficult to install

#4: Is not really able to be trimmed

When you have wooden or plastic windows, you may easily cut and trim them to fit your window size, however steel windows do not. If you want to replace an existing door, this can be a big problem. And not having the appropriate fit window not only causes architectural errors, but it can also lead to future problems.

#5: Cracking and rusting are among the most common problems

Steel windows will not deform under any circumstance, although they can be dented if they are hit by something. If the windows are stained, the metal may corrode due to exposure to moisture in the air.


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